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Welcome Ranch Hands. 

Thank you for your interest in serving our Camp Facilities.

This site is specifically for those people who are committing their time, talents and other resources to making the Mataguay Scout Ranch a place or enjoyment for our Scouts, Scouters and other guests.

There are several ways for you to help.

1. Service Projects - These are generally simple jobs for units, families or even individuals to do on a workday or over a weekend.

2. Project Teams - These are jobs which require more preparation, skill level or funding.

3. Subcontracting & Gifts-in-Kind - Some of our jobs are contracted out rather than handled by our volunteer time.  All of these projects are handled through our Camping Director.

Pick a Project  Units and Groups

Join a Team!

Service is a cornerstone for all Scouts and for most of our Chartering Organizations.

Many of our projects can be done as an activity in conjunction with a day or weekend of shooting, swimming, hiking, C.O.P.E. course or as a part of a planning or training retreat.

These activities generally require a low level of skill knowledge and make the most of the saying "Many hands make light work."

Some of our projects have a scope of work which requires advanced planning, larger budgets or specialized skills.  For this reason these projects must be planned in direct communication with the camp ranger and our facilities committee.

Joining these teams does not require any specific skills   


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